Hearing is seeing with the mind under the sublime guidance of silence.

Many symbols, pictures and icons we repeatedly visualize in our surroundings and on the internet today have acquired authority because of their constant collision with our senses. As they continue to impact our sub-conscious, they are literally shaping our collective psyche. In our modern visual reality, we do not hear varieties of sound as we see varieties of objects, retrained by a “System of Visibility”.

Individually, we are desperately trying to listen for something we can’t hear because of the volume of interference from echoes of what has been embedded in our psyches, accumulating from the time of our childhood. Consequently, we are rarely changed from what we hear.

The phenomenon of constant repetition inducing mankind to submit to forced assertions is exploited by the world of marketing, strategically seducing individuals to commit unconscious mutilations of the psychological self.

A Mozart of life must listen to many tunes by overcoming the rigidity of the brain that makes us pay attention to things which we are lead to believe are necessary for survival.

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