Time is always the opportune

time is always the opportune

The lovers of Eschatology, fascinate themselves with the manifest destiny of mankind.  Through their physics they speak of the fate of the sun and describe the universe as running towards an equilibrium where it will become eternally cold, through their theology they speak of a future place, prepared by their silent God, infinitely superior to the reality we know and practice their philosophy by occupying time contemplating doctrines which are ideal through the meaninglessness of all.

Just live! Many have been born into this world and imagined the future, only to leave it before realizing their revelations. It is thoughts of the future which bring anxiety about tomorrow and make us lose ourselves in a plethora of unknown possibilities. A great philosopher once said “That which has been exists no more, and that which is to come is but a dream!”

Be a flower now; for tomorrow you will weather away!

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